Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy establishes the terms and conditions under which RAFIK BUSINESS & INVESTMENTS LLC(Henceforth “YOUPi!”), based on Rua 3 da Matinha, building A, 1oA, 1950-243 Lisboa, quota society that currently manages sales for the brand YOUPi! in Portugal, data manager for the effects of the present Privacy Policy(Henceforth ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘Data Manager’), treat the personal data given to us by the end user for use in the website www.youpii.pt(henceforth ‘website’) or the mobile app, the software created to be used in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices(henceforth ‘app’) or other apps, software, digital formats, storage or functionality related to YOUPi! in Portugal(in sum, ‘the platform’).

In utilizing the Platform, each time the user grants us any type of information or we need access to information which, according to its traits, allows us to identify the user, for example their first name, surname, e-mail address, billing address or delivery address, phone number, device type or debit or credit card number, etc(henceforth ‘personal data’), be it for research purposes, purchase of our products or use of our services or functionalities, they will be subjected to this Privacy Policy, to the conditions of use and purchase and other documents therein mentioned(in sum, ‘terms and conditions’), applicable at any moment and that we recommend being reviewed to ensure their full acceptance. Please be aware that your personal data may circulate in the web and may be seen by unauthorized third parties, even if our Data Managers do their best in order for this not to occur.


Por favor tenha em conta que antes de utilizar os nossos serviços ou funcionalidades, o utilizador deve ler esta Política de Privacidade, bem como os Termos e Condições na secção específica relativa a cada serviço ou funcionalidade. Em cada secção o utilizador pode verificar se existem condições específicas de utilização ou se estas exigem tratamento específico dos seus Dados Pessoais.

Não fornecer determinadas informações obrigatórias pode resultar no facto de não ser possível gerir o seu registo enquanto utilizador ou utilizar determinadas funcionalidades ou serviços disponíveis através da Plataforma.

Please keep in mind that, prior to using our services or functionalities, the user must read this Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions in the specific section relative to each service or functionality. In each section, the user can check for any specific use conditions or if these demand specific treatment of their data. Not supplying certain mandatory information can make it impossible to manage your registry or use certain functionalities or services available through the Platform.

By the present document, the user promises all personal data given here is truthful and exact and accepts to report any modifications. If the user provides personal data from third parties, they are responsible for making them available and obtaining consent for their use and availability for the effects mentioned in the corresponding sections of this Privacy Policy. Any damage or losses caused to the platform, Data Managers or third parties upon misinformation, incomplete or inexact information in the registry forms is of the user’s exclusive responsibility.

Data Managers, as applicable, use the gathered data for the following purposes:

1.1 Registry management as user of the Platform. The personal data made available to us is used to identify you as a user of the platform and give you access to its different functionalities, products and services upon registration.

1.2 Preparation, compliance and execution of the purchase and sale contract relative to the acquired products or any other contract made with us through the platform. Specifically, the user must be aware of the following:

i. In case they opt for the option to save their card, the user expressly permits the treatment of the necessary data in order for it to be activated and developed. The card’s safety code(CVV or CVC) should only be utilized to finalize the purchase, therefore not being archived or treated as part of the payment details. Consenting the activation of this functionality means the user’s data automatically appear in these fields upon processing new purchases, and as such the customer will not need to re-insert the information each time, as the data will be considered valid and ready. The user may alter or delete any of the saved cards at any time through the My Account section. We store and transmit the cards’ data following the main international norms of confidentiality and safety for credit and debit cards. The usage of this function may require the user to change their password due to safety concerns. Keep in mind that that safety in the platform also depends on the correct usage and storage of certain confidential codes.

ii. CIf the user has acquired a gift card, should they provide us with a third party’s data, the user is responsible for having made them available and having obtained the necessary consent so that, under the terms of the Conditions of Purchase and Use of the Platform, we can process and the aforementioned data for purposes of (a) dispatch management and monitoring the reception of the gift card and (b) respond to requests the user of third party in question may have.

iii. If the user has an offer receipt and wishes to return goods associated with it through the platform, we will use the personal data made available through the return form to (a) manage the request and handle the retrieval of goods at the requested address, (b)respond to requests related to the offer receipt or with the intended devolution and (c) confirm the approval of return and the sending of the voucher with the refunded amount by e-mail or another equivalent electronic medium.
1.3 Contact by e-mail, text message or other equivalent forms of electronic communication, such as App push notifications, etc, in what concerns updates or informative communications related to functionalities, products or hired services, including safety updates on the platform, when necessary or reasonable to implement such.

1.4 Respond and handle the user’s requests through the available customer service channels, in what concerns the platform or physical stores, as well as the monitoring our service’s quality.

The data processing duration lasts for (i) the time upheld by law; or (ii) an indefinite amount of time(i.e. until the user requests that certain information, or the totality of their data be deleted); or (iii) until the specific applicable purpose for certain data ceases to exist. For example, data related to user requests will be treated as far as it is possible to safeguard them under applicable law, being erased as soon as that legal constraint ceases to exist.

2. Newsletter subscription

In case the user authorizes the subscription to the YOUPi! newsletter we will provide information related to our products and services through different means, such as electronic mail or other equivalent communication mediums(text message, etc) as well as push notifications from the App - should those notifications be activated in the user’s mobile device.

Subscription to the YOUPi! Newsletter may imply the use of personal data in order to proceed to more customized marketing of our available products and services to the user through electronic mail, text message, or any other electronic medium or third parties.We may also make this information available to the user through the App’s push notifications, in case these have been activated in the user’s mobile device. With the goal to improve the service provided to the user, we inform that the user’s personal data related to their purchases in physical or online stores, likes and preferences may be used for analysis and user profile creation, market studies, quality surveys and improvement of our interaction with the customers.

If you are a registered user, you can alter your preferences related to the sending of this commercial information through the My Account section.

You can also cancel your subscription through the Newsletter section on the platform at any moment or following the instructions we forward with each communication.


The Data Managers are committed to respecting the confidentiality of users’ personal data and assuring the exercise of the respective rights. The user can exercise their rights of use, correction, cancellation and opposition by sending an e-mail to iamayouper@youpii.pt indicating the motive of the request.

If you do decide to exercise these rights and if part of the provided personal data is your e-mail address, we would like you to specify this circumstance in your written request, indicating the e-mail address from which you want to exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition.


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